Queen Princess Looney Buttz III is a clown princess, in line to rule the great kingdom of Jestleur after her mother. You can commonly find her frolicking through the flower fields just outside the castle walls or in the local tavern flirting with all of the beautiful ladies she can find. 

Looney Buttz’s Cluit is made from mixed fabrics and trims, wire, ribbon, yarn, LED string lights, and paper mache, and is a wearable costume piece. This costume is comprised of a pink and white hood in the shape of the letter “U” with pink ruffles, embroidery on the white side, and red pom poms on the top points, a paper mache mask painted with acrylic paint and eyeshadow, a neck ruff made with a layering of rainbow striped fabric, blue shimmer fabric, pink lace, and rainbow tie dyed fabric, a pair of red gloves with long pointed fingers and pom poms, a pink tulle over dress adorned with various trims, pom poms, and LED lights, a red and white striped vinyl bodysuit that laces up the sides that has attached garters and three pom poms down the middle, a pair of tie dyed stockings with trim, ribbons, and pom poms around the top, and a pair of shoes with pointed toes made of red and white vinyl as well as pink polyester and various trims and pom poms.