Pidlwimple the Slumbering Juggler is a current resident of the Jestleur Kingdom, born to humble farmers who live on the outskirts of the kingdom. Pidlwimple moved to the city after discovering the power she had over the dream realm, being able to shift through other people’s dreams and deliver prophecies. She had hoped that opening up a storefront in the city to get paid for her abilities would give her and her family fortune, but her dream fell flat as she struggles to pay for her store rent every month, being forced to side hustle as a juggling street performer. 

Pidlwimple’s Cluit is made from mixed fabrics, yarns, paper, plastic, embroidered patches, beading, buttons, and paper mache, and is a wearable costume piece. This costume is comprised of a red fleece and striped linen curved hood with purple ruffles and a pink plastic star dangling from the tip, a paper mache mask painted with acrylic paint, a neck ruff of pink cotton and tulle, a purple polyester button up shirt with a peter pan collar and puff sleeves, a pair of pink spandex gloves with green minky patches, red PVC oval cut nails, and pink faux fur on one palm and teal yarn on the other, a striped linen jumpsuit adorned with yellow yarn balls, assorted embroidered patches, pink ruffles, and multicolored ric rac, and a pair of shoes made from paper pads, red velvet, and orange and yellow fleece with teal beaded eyelets and yellow yarn laces. Pidlwimple also carries a doll named Shidlwimple, made from a thrifted doll with a multicolored polyester suit, black cotton feet, and one white porcelain hand. The additions to this doll are a crab claw for the other hand, and a resin face, cotton head, white cotton and lace neck ruff, and a red and yellow fleece curved hood with a little blue plastic star dangling from the tip.