Welcome to the Big Top is a series of clown suits; original full body wearable costume pieces, inspired by clowns and jesters. They are all made of found and thrifted mixed materials and fabrics, each also having a paper mache mask to wear with the full piece. Each cluit (clown suit) has their own name, personality, role, and a specific relationship to the others, all exploring various parts of my identity. Looney’s cluit is gaudy and large, due to her being a princess and loving to show off, and representing the piece of my brain that feels like a beautiful feminine princess. Scurria is a moth fairy, so her color palette is more understated and the fabrics and structure are more elegant, exploring the part of me that prances through the woods and lives with the fae. The role of each of these clowns are found by exploring the details of their costumes and learning their stories. The job of clowns and jesters is to make people happy, so the focus of these designs are to be whimsical and colorful, expressing different personalities and talents with each cluit. Additional paintings, designs, animations, and costume pieces are made to enhance these cluits and build upon their stories.